The Office of Pastoral Resources and Planning supports the faithful throughout the Diocese of Rochester as they journey toward holiness, helping them to hear God’s call and to develop the skills needed to respond to His will in their lives and for those they serve.Demographics and Reports icon

The office serves as a resource for parishes, schools and other Diocesan entities as they undertake planning in support of the mission of the Church; it conducts research, collects and analyzes data, and provides training and tools for mission-oriented planning at multiple levels. The long term goal for the office is to create a mechanism by which every aspect of parish and deanery life is intentional, mission driven, and open to ongoing evaluation and improvement.

The office focuses on five key areas when working with parishes and deaneries:

1) Participation in Sacraments
2) Ministerial responsibilities, including responsibilities beyond the parish
3) Shifts in available ordained and lay personnel
4) Fiscal responsibilities
5) Impending infrastructure needs

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