Scenarios Input Summaries

What are the configuration scenarios being discussed by the team?

The team started with 15 configurations scenarios that incorporated the projection of 4 priests (not necessarily 4 pastors). Using factors such as long term sustainability, natural affiliations between communities, distance, weather, age of priests and parishioners, buildings and parish data, and potential for staff and volunteer leaders, the Pastoral Planning Team narrowed the list to 5 for consideration. In April that list went to Pastoral and Finance Councils for further input. Based on that input the team narrowed the scenarios for consideration to 4. The team will continue to discern their recommendation.

Parish Abbreviations for the documents below: St. Maximilian Kolbe (SMK); Community of the Blessed Trinity (CCBT); St. Katharine Drexel (SKD); St. Michael (SM); St. Joseph the Worker (SJW)

Click here to read the benefits and challenges of the configuration scenarios still being discerned, as identified by the Pastoral Planning Team after input from the Councils. Click here for maps of the different configurations still being discussed.

Click here to read the benefits and challenges listed for the rejected configuration scenarios.